Colorado Governor looks to arrest U.S. Sheriffs for refusing to enforce gun ban

THRIVE Filmmaker, Foster Gamble, discusses Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s attempt to get U.S. Secret Service Agents to arrest sheriffs who refuse to enforce his newly passed gun ban legislation:

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Audio Transcription

Governor Hickenlooper in Colorado just signed the next level of gun-banning (banning certain weapons and background checks and that type of thing) and already it’s starting to cascade into exactly what the 2nd Amendment people are afraid of: that once you start making laws that go against the blanket 2nd Amendment statement, then the camel’s nose is under the tent and it just starts coming in.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that, now, this same Governor is trying to give the Secret Service (and potentially other agencies) the power to arrest sheriffs, county sheriffs, who refuse to impose this ban. And this is starting to be touted as the line in the sand. Governor Cuomo in New York tried to do a similar thing and the sheriffs got up in arms. They had a big demonstration and he backed off. But, we’ll see what happens in Colorado because there’s, already, across the country (just in the last few weeks), I think, 324 sheriffs who have said “we absolutely refuse to impose this ban and we will come armed if you try to make us”. We’re at the precipice in a number of different ways, and this is one of them, in terms of potential civil war within the United States over issues like this.


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