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Media Consolidation Fact: U.S. media has consolidated from 50 companies down to five in just over 25 years.   (read more)

The Code

Osirian Etching Fact: "Very little writing is found in the Osirian Temple, however there is one very significant piece of information in that temple; it is a very faint but clear and precise drawing. It’s not etched into the rock. It’s not carved. It’s burned into the atomic structure of the rock in some extraordinary way.” - Nassim Haramein    (read more)

Forbidden City, Fu Dogs Fact: The same geometry appears at another sacred site [The Forbidden City] built in 1420. You find at the entrance the Fu Dog, the guardians of the knowledge. They guard the knowledge under their paw.   (read more)

Ancient Sun Gods Fact: "Most of the stories of ancient Egypt, and Mayan and Incas, talk about Sun-Gods coming to the Earth and teaching them engineering, writing and all of their science." - Nassim Haramein   (read more)

Advanced Math, Physics Concepts Recorded More than 3,000 Years Ago  Fact: I could see no other rational way advanced math and physics concepts would have been recorded over 3,000 years ago.   (read more)

Likelihood of Other Intelligent Life Fact: “And when you look at the fact that the most conservative estimates are, in the Milky Way galaxy, that there are at least ten thousand Earth like planets that have intelligent life on them and that at least half of them are likely to be as advanced or more advanced than ours, and that there would be a certain subset that could be in the order of 10 to the 6th to 10 to the 7th years more advanced technologically.” - Steven Greer    (read more)

Crop Circles Fact: 5,000 crop circles have appeared in over 30 countries, most of them in England.   (read more)

Electromagnetic Charge of Crop Circles Fact: The electromagnetic field over the area where the crop has been laid down to create the image, is often electro-statically charged. Some of these areas are littered with strange magnetic particles.    (read more)

SETI Message Fact: The message was a radio signal depicting our planet’s location in our solar system and earth’s people in hopes that it might be received and interpreted by an extraterrestrial intelligence. 27 years later, in 2001, this crop design appeared in England, along with what could be a self-portrait of the sender.   (read more)

Earth's Age Fact: "The Earth is about four and a half billion years old…" - Jack Kasher    (read more)

JP Morgan Cut Tesla Funding Fact: Before Nikola Tesla could finish the Wardenclyffe Tower, his financier, banker JP Morgan, who had a monopoly on the copper used for electrical lines, recognized how Tesla’s invention could transmit electricity without wires. He then shut down Tesla’s funding.   (read more)

Nikola Tesla's Lab Burned Fact: Tesla’s lab was burned down and he was ostracized – all for trying to implement his vision of unlimited energy for everyone.   (read more)

Adam Trombly New Energy Device Demonstration Fact: Adam Trombly had been invited to demonstrate one of his generators at the United Nations and the U.S. Senate, but these events were constrained by the first Bush administration. Then the device itself was taken in a government raid.   (read more)

John Bedini New Energy Devices Fact: Inventor John Bedini began working with Tesla’s theories of “radiant energy” decades ago and has produced an assortment of battery-charging devices that generate more energy than it takes to run them. He announced that he was going to start offering them at low cost. Soon after that, he was attacked in his lab, and warned not to produce the machines. For his own safety he had to let go of marketing free energy devices.   (read more)

John Hutchison Lab Raids Fact: Canadian John Hutchison not only created some free energy batteries, but also used Tesla's theories to counter gravity, to make objects float. This could revolutionize the field of propulsion. His lab was raided and equipment was taken by police and government officials in 1978, 1989, and again in 2000.   (read more)

Eugene Mallove Fact: Eugene Mallove was mysteriously beaten to death in 2004.   (read more)

Value of Oil, Gas, and Coal Reserves Fact: “The proven oil and gas and coal reserves are worth north of 200 trillion dollars.” – Steven Greer    (read more)

Follow the Money

Rockefeller Control of Oil Fact: The Rockefellers’ oil empire got started in 1870 when John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil and became America’s first billionaire. Standard Oil has since morphed into Exxon-Mobil and others.   (read more)

Rockefeller Control of Food Fact: The Rockefellers control our food. They were primarily responsible for the global shift to large-scale petroleum-based agriculture.    (read more)

The Green Revolution, Natural Science Division, and Corporate Partners Fact: The Green Revolution was the brainchild of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Natural Science Division, in partnership with large agricultural corporations.    (read more)

Costs of Green Revolution Fact: The true costs of the Green Revolution can now be seen: taxpayers pay billions in subsidies to giant agribusiness corporations; small family farms have all but disappeared; biodiversity is destroyed; toxic chemicals poison farm workers and pollute the land, water, and our food supply, endangering the health of all of us.    (read more)

1/7 People are Malnourished Fact: As of 2010, approximately 1 in every 7 people worldwide did not have enough to eat.   (read more)

Rockefeller Domination of Education Fact: It was the Rockefellers who created the National Education Association, with help from the Carnegie Foundation and later from the Ford Foundation. What the captains of industry wanted from our schools was an obedient and docile workforce who would be manageable employees and eager consumers.   (read more)

American Medical Association Largely Funded by Rockefellers Fact: The American Medical Association (AMA) is largely funded by the Rockefellers, who in turn use their funding to influence AMA research and decision-making.   (read more)

Royal Rife's Cancer Cure and Suppression Fact: Royal Raymond Rife developed a technique called "coordinative resonance" in the 1930's that was apparently able to destroy cancerous tumors as well as viruses. Rife's treatment was tested on 16 terminally ill cancer patients. Within 3 months, they were all successfully cured. Through the efforts of Morris Fishbein, head of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Rife was essentially shut down and ruined, his brilliant and promising work all but forgotten.    (read more)

Kimberly Gamble on Suppression of Alternative Cancer Cures Fact: Rene Caisse, Harry Hoxsey, and Max Gerson had natural cancer remedies that worked. – Kimberly Carter Gamble    (read more)

Fractional Reserve Fact: American banks have about nine times as much money loaned out as they have on reserve in their vaults.   (read more)

Jekyll Island Drafting of Federal Reserve Act Fact: In 1910, representatives of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans and other private bankers gathered secretly on Jekyll Island to draft the legislation that would create the Federal Reserve.   (read more)

IRS Established same year as Federal Reserve  Fact: I found it revealing that in the same year the Federal Reserve was founded, 1913, the Internal Revenue Service was also established.    (read more)

The Federal Reserve is Private Fact: The Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It's a group of private bankers.   (read more)

Purchasing Power of U.S. Dollar Fact: The purchasing power of the dollar has declined more than 96 percent.    (read more)

Global Wealth Gap Fact: Globally, the richest 2% of adults currently own more than half the world's wealth.   (read more)

American Wealth Gap Fact: In the United States, the richest 1% own more assets than 90% of the population combined.    (read more)

Big Bankers Benefit from Great Depression Fact: Before the crash in 1929 that led to the Great Depression, elite bankers pulled their money out of the stock market. After the crash, they used that money to buy up cheap stocks and smaller failing banks for pennies on the dollar.   (read more)

Most Americans Against Bailouts Fact: The majority of Americans were against bailing out the banks in 2008.   (read more)

World Bank and IMF Fact: At the international level, central bankers use the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to make more money while exploiting the resources of countries they lend to - bankrupting them in the process.   (read more)

Global Domination Agenda

Elite Groups Fact: Those secretly driving the agenda have been known by many names. Leaked reports confirm that they meet throughout the world, behind closed doors, to discuss their agenda. Then, like clockwork, their plans begin to show up in the media, finance, corporate, government and military arenas.   (read more)

Supreme Court in Israel Funded by Rothschilds Fact: The “All-Seeing Eye” over-sees the Supreme Court complex in Israel, designed and funded entirely by the Rothschilds.   (read more)

WWII Funding Fact: Central bankers funded both sides of WWII as well as some of the corporations associated with Hitler's atrocities against the Jews.   (read more)

Pope Quote Quote: There is urgent need for a true world political authority. - Pope Benedict XVI, Encyclical letter, 2009    (read more)

American Union Fact: Politicians from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico have been working on plans for an American Union.   (read more)

Banking Elite Put Huge Organizations in Place to Implement Plan Fact: On the international level, the central banking elite have put huge organizations in place to implement their policies, including the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.   (read more)

Manhattan Project Fact: This kind of compartmentalization explains how the Manhattan Project, which developed the Atom bomb in World War II, was kept secret despite having 130,000 people working on it.   (read more)

Plans for Global Currency Fact: The global elite are intentionally collapsing the U.S. dollar, and attempting to replace it with a global IMF currency.   (read more)

Vietnam False Flag Fact: It’s a documented fact that we entered the Vietnam War under false pretenses. Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara has acknowledged that the attack on a ship in the Gulf of Tonkin didn’t actually take place.    (read more)

Iraq False Flag Fact: Former President Bush used non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction as a pretext for invading Iraq.   (read more)

9/11 False Flag Fact: A growing number of people believe that 9/11 was a false flag operation by the global elite in order to set the stage for taking over Middle East oil and dismantling US constitutional protections.    (read more)

Loss of Liberties in America Fact: Right now in America, any of us can be imprisoned without warning or due cause, and we can be kidnapped, tortured, and assassinated, legally, if the government decides what we are doing is a threat to their plan. All they have to do is name us as a suspect in their so-called war on terror.   (read more)

Surveillance Cameras Fact: In 2010 there were 30 million surveillance cameras recording in the United States alone.   (read more)

Surveillance of Phone Calls and Emails  Fact: Every phone call and Email we send is collected and archived, and can be inspected at any time.   (read more)

RFID Chips  Fact: Our driver’s licenses and passports have computer chips implanted in them to track our every move, and now hospital patients are getting these same chips implanted under their skin. In fact it was Proctor and Gamble who developed these chips initially for tracking their products.   (read more)

Satellite Surveillance Fact: The would-be controllers, through the US Space Command, have outlined a plan called “Full Spectrum Dominance.” Sophisticated satellite surveillance, as well as “directed energy” and laser weapons – which are already developed – would have the ability to target dissenters anywhere on Earth.   (read more)

FEMA Camps  Fact: FEMA “containment camps” and railroad cars with shackles have been recently constructed or refurbished all over the United States for use in what officials call “times of pandemic or civil unrest”.    (read more)

Eugenics Fact: I found startling documentation that eugenics is one of the core pillars of the elite plan. Eugenics is the practice where some people get to decide who is worthy to breed and who is not. Sterilization is one of the many insidious ways this covert plan is being implemented. In 1904, the Carnegies, funded the first Eugenics laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. The Rockefellers funded involuntary sterilization of people of color through their eugenics programs, and funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany to further the racial supremacy agenda later adopted by Hitler.    (read more)

Toxic Aerial Spraying in California Fact: In 2007 the US Dept of Agriculture and Homeland Security funded a proposed project to aerial spray over 7 million people in urban areas of Northern California. After citizens organized against the plan, officials were forced to reveal that the spray included multiple toxins that can cause disease and disrupt the reproductive cycle. Civil resistance stopped the project.   (read more)

US Government Experiments on Own Citizens  Fact: The US Government has been caught over 30 times covertly experimenting with toxic chemicals on its own citizens - from soldiers, prisoners, and Native American reservations, to entire towns and counties.   (read more)

Mass Covert Sterilization  Fact: Mass covert sterilization of women and girls, usually using secret additives to vaccines, has been exposed in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. These have been under the auspices of such programs as: John D. Rockefeller's Population Council; the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, where Nelson Rockefeller was Under Secretary; The Rockefeller founded World Health Organization.   (read more)

Novartis/Syngenta Novartis and Syngenta, in cooperation with the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Defense, have field-tested a spermicidal strain of GMO corn that would render male consumers infertile. This was quietly announced as a “contribution to the world over-population problem."   (read more)

Global Fertility  Fact: Right now, global human fertility is plunging.   (read more)


Power in Numbers Fact: We outnumber the architects of the global domination agenda by more than 1 million to 1.   (read more)

Largest Social Movement in History Fact: The largest social movement in the history of mankind is happening right now.   (read more)

GMO-Free Zones Fact: "This freedom movement, which is a freedom movement for all species not just for individual humans, is something that's growing so fast and is reflected in the movement for GMO-free zones in Europe. I turn my back and there's another thousand GMO-free zones, 90% of Italy, 90% of Austria. The freedom zones around the seed, around food are creating massive shifts." - Vandana Shiva   (read more)

Government is Biggest Killer Fact: Governments have been responsible for most of the war, death, and destruction on the planet - more than 200 million individuals were killed in the 20th century alone.   (read more)

Money Needed to Restore Planet 

Fact: According to Lester Brown’s Earth Policy Institute, it would take under 200 billion dollars a year to restore the Earth’s environment and meet global social goals.

   (read more)

US vs. Global Military Expenditure Fact: If we cut the US military budget in half it would still roughly equal the defense spending of the entire rest of the world.    (read more)


John D. Rockefeller Sr. Photos Correction : Two photos in the movie referenced as being John D. Rockefeller Sr., are actually John D. Rockefeller Jr.   (read more)

Dwynne Arneson Interview Correction: Dwynne Arneson was a 28th Air Division C & E Officer, not a SAC Control Officer.   (read more)