Personal Update from Foster and Kimberly

We have been busy doing a lot of behind the scenes prep to help launch various breakthrough technologies to the world. Here’s a little video to stay in touch with us personally as we have been fully occupied with what it takes to get this done. Check it out:

We are learning what it takes to implement the promise of these solutions, which will be the content of THRIVE II: This is What it Takes. We will be sharing details of that, along with a lot more in a workshop at Rythmia from November 5–12. Here’s a short video describing what that’s all about:

The workshop will run for two hours each day, from November 6–9, and there will be lots of time to spend together outside of it — sharing meals, trips to the beach, doing yoga, plant medicine, and all the rest that the Retreat Center offers. Space is limited, so we hope you will sign up to join us.

For more information, or to book your trip, visit Rythmia’s website or call +1 844 236-5685.

We hope to see you there.

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