Updates on cosmic geometry, THRIVE II, Liberty and more

Dear Thrivers,

As I mentioned in my last communication, we are deep into production and shooting of our sequel — THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes! Therefore, I have very little time for blogging, the newsletter or public appearances. However, I did do one interview recently that combines many compelling topics in what I think is an unusual and fruitful manner, so I wanted to send this note out and share a link to the conversation I had with a brilliant researcher, author and musician named Narada Dan Vantari.

I met Narada and his wife Pratima on the Egypt journey with the Resonance Academy last fall and he shared with me several of the amazing books that he has been creating on sacred geometry and ancient cultures. His skill with graphic arts is unique and wonderful, and it makes for a user-friendly presentation of esoteric concepts about how the life force uses geometries to build the reality we experience. Narada did a thorough job of providing images and videos to illustrate the topics we were covering, and he has broken the lengthy conversation into bite-size segments that can be independently accessed according to interest.

Cosmic geometry has been a lifelong interest for me, but not one that I have shared a lot with this network outside of our first film and a few clips on YouTube. This conversation explores these patterns and principles and correlates them with successful applications and related insights into the challenges that we face as a civilization and how the liberty perspective with its Nonaggression Principle can guide us toward a truly thriving world.

I hope that you will set aside some time to explore this unique presentation, to offer comments and to share it with your friends who might be interested.

We are “off-the-chain” excited about what is happening with THRIVE II and very eager to share it with you and the rest of humanity as it takes form.

Kimberly and I and the team send our love and warm wishes,



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