Fundamental Pattern Solutions

Put research money toward projects that reflect an understanding of – and harmony with –nature’s energy dynamics.

Recognition of the torus pattern as the natural form of our energy patterning would allow researchers and inventors to access power through harmonic resonance rather than the violence of combustion, fusion and fission.

The Tokomak device at Princeton University, for example, has been unable to successfully provide accessible energy.   Although the tokomak is toroidal in shape, researchers there are attempting to crunch atoms rather than to go with their natural flow.

For more than fifteen years, scientists have spent billions trying unsuccessfully to access energy by crushing atoms together as they envision it is being done in the sun. The Tokomak physicists describe “unruly” reactions as they try to heat “reluctant” hydrogen atoms to sun-like temperatures to get them to “strike each other fiercely enough” to “do something awkward – fuse into helium.”

On the other hand, there are multiple cases of independent inventors who are accessing abundant clean energy right out of the space that surrounds us by creating devices which are toroidal and which align with, rather than try to control and combust the natural, abundant energy of the universe. Instead of receiving research dollars, they have been shut down and persecuted by shadow powers who benefit from the suppression of unmetered electricity. See the New Energy Technology for details.